The PurePower Mouthguard

If you are looking for a more powerful golf swing, better balance on the court, a higher vertical leap on the basketball court or better results from strength training the PurePower Mouthguard (PPM)can help you achieve your athletic potential!

A revolutionary dental aid for athletes striving to obtain optimal performance, the PPM improves muscle recruitment and vertebral alignment by helping to properly align and relax muscles in the face. The results are improved strength and balance which results in better athletic performance.

The Purepower Mouthguard is only available through a PPM certified dentist such as Dr. Popp. If Dr. Popp determines you are a candidate for the PPM she will utilize the principles of Neuromuscular Dentistry to identify your optimal bite and take impressions of your lower and upper teeth. Once your PPM has been fabricated by the lab it will be fitted during a second visit.

What is a “PurePower Mouthguard” and what makes it so special?

The PurePower Mouthguard is a guard worn in the mouth that does much more than simply protect the teeth. What makes it special is the process in which it is created. It is uniquely designed for each individual. Dr. Popp, utilizing the principles of neuromuscular dentistry, determines the optimal relationship between your upper and lower teeth in a unique process called a “Neuromuscular Bite Registration”. Simply put, the neuromuscular bite registration ensures that your upper & lower jaw (the maxilla and mandible) are in perfect alignment as the impression for the mouthguard is taken.

Why is it important that the upper and lower jaw be in “perfect alignment”?

This “perfect alignment” creates an environment where the muscles of the head, neck, jaw and upper shoulders are relaxed, balanced and primed for optimum muscle recruitment. The proper neuromuscular alignment of the jaw can also improve head and neck posture which can significantly improve the efficiency of the airway, positively affecting endurance and stamina, especially in highly aerobic activities. Additional benefits include potential decompression of the jaw joint (the Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ) located immediately in front of the inner ear, the “control center” of balance.