I have been studying the science of Dental Implants since I was a teenager! In Dental School my professors laughed at me because of this. Now Implant Dentistry is here to stay and most implants have a 98% success rate. I performed the surgical aspect of Implant Dentistry as soon as I graduated from Dental School, but after a few years I focused my practice on more of the Cosmetic procedures. Last year, after many requests from my patients, I started taking new Dental Implant courses including bone grafting and sinus techniques. I have started back with the surgery, using Cone Beam X-ray technology. This allows me to see a 3D view of the bone, teeth, sinuses and nerves. A surgical guide is fabricated so the implants are placed in the precise area that I choose. Most cases only require a local anesthetic and can be restored with crowns in 4-6 months. Call us to see if you are a candidate