Dental radiography was developed to visualize the entire upper and lower jaws including teeth, maxillary sinuses and the nasal cavity.  This technology can help to study and evaluate bone and gum disease, jaw fractures, tooth development, impacted teeth, TMJ disorders, sinus problems, and other oral diseases.  Principal advantages are that panoramic radiographs can cover a large area, give a bilateral view of anatomy and expose the patient to a minimum radiation dose thereby making the treatment more tolerable.

Only NewTom Cone Beam systems employ SafeBeam technology, the safest technology available for patient and staff.  Featured in all NewTom units, SafeBeam automatically adjusts the radiation dosage according to the density of the volume in the gantry.  This technology uses intermittent bursts of radiation, which last only milliseconds, during image acquisition.  Other systems deliver a constant stream of radiation and the same amount of radiation, whether scanning a 100 kg adult or a small child.  SafeBeam technology automatically and continuously monitors system operations, thereby eliminating the possibility of unnecessary exposures.  As a result, patient exposure is customized for each scan and image contract remains consistent, regardless of patient size or bone density.

All NewTom units add a sense of comfort for the patients, allowing them to relax during the scan and limiting the patient movements, in order to improve image quality.  NewTom scans provide the practitioner and the patient with unprecedented visualization of the cranial anatomic information. This leads to better diagnosis and better treatment planning, increasing the patient treatment knowledge.


The NewTom is one of the most effective tools available for analyzing implant sites.  3D images can accurately identify possible pathologies and structural abnormalities.  Cross sectional and panoramic views facilitate various measurements such as height and width of the implant sites.


This application takes extremely high quality images in order to define the tooth structure, determining the exact pathology and accurately plan the perfect treatment.   Only a proper investigation of the area of interest will make Dr. Popp aware of the least invasive and correct action to take.


NewTom takes the examination of the TMJ to a new level.  After a single scan, views can be sectioned to show join space and pathologies.  3D image reconstruction can clearly provide detailed information of the TMJ and Cervical spine anatomy.