The EPIC Diode Laser is one of the most versatile pieces of technology used by Dr. Popp.  Utilizing the latest in laser technology, EPIC is the only diode laser in the US approved for soft tissue procedures, teeth whitening, and pain therapy (typically TMJ).


For soft tissue procedures such as periodontal pocket therapy, treatment of ulcers/cold sores, or even reducing bacterial count in periodontal pockets, there is no better tool than the EPIC.  The EPIC is used in all deep cleanings to help with reducing bacterial count and helping the stimulation of possible bone growth.  It also helps with softening tartar on teeth, so that it is easier to remove with our ultrasonics and hand scalers.  This all adds up to improved comfort and healing time for our patients.


When performing  teeth whitening, the EPIC need only be equipped with its special whitening headpiece that helps distribute its beam across the patient’s teeth.  With an average whitening of 4-6 shades in only 20 minutes, the EPIC is among the fastest and most efficient of any in-office whitening systems.


Those of our patients who experience TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder) or other chronic oral pains may find relief from the EPIC’s most unique feature, pain therapy.  Using what is called the Deep Tissue Handpiece, the focus and depth of laser penetration is controlled to only the precise area that is the source of pain.  Approved by the FDA as treatment for oral maxillofacial pain, think of this procedure as simply a deep tissue massage for your mouth and/or jaw.