I thought I should share this testamonial from a few years back….

Dear Dr. Popp,

I would like to thank you with all my heart for the wildest dream of my young life, for having changed the course of my life, I will never be able to thank you enough, with the friends of survivors of torture, to feel proud enough so that I can talk to people, to not be always stressed in the morning before I brush my teeth, because the morning brush had been for several years, a moment of pain, of shame and all the reminders it brought, a moment which I am proud to thank you for having put the pain in the past. Everyday for the last three years, I prayed and prayed so that I could be removed of that “punishment,” I begged to some people if they could help me but never did, until an angel “Dr Popp” came and you did not make me feel less different than others and made me normal again.  Only in my dreams, did I dream of an angel coming to ease my pain.  Dr. Popp, you made my dream.  Thank you. Thank you again for having given me energy and enough spirit to continue to live well.

This patient was referred to me by Survivors of Torture of San Diego. He is from Africa and was tortured. It still brings a tear to my eyes and makes be be proud to be a dentist.