At home Tooth Whitening

For whitening of dark, dull, or stained teeth, bleaching may be the simplest solution. Bleaching is performed by taking an impression of your teeth and making a duplicate model of them. On this model, a soft, thin, clear tray is fabricated. This tray is filled with a small amount of bleaching gel and placed directly over the teeth in the mouth. This bleach filled tray can be worn for one hour during the day. Results can be seen daily. To attain maximum results, most patients must wear the bleaching tray for 1-2 weeks. However, the timing of these results can be influenced by different strengths of the bleaching gels which are available.

Patient Maintenance

Thorough brushing after meals is necessary to avoid plaque accumulation. Smoking, as well as stain-causing foods such as coffee and tea, should be avoided.

Results of Treatment

Deep yellow and brown stains can be considerably reduced, though teeth may not be returned to natural color.